Minangka Deka launches awareness drive on Coronavirus safety

Minangka Deka launches awareness drive on Coronavirus safety
Aimed at stalling the fast-expanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country, budding mime artist from Assam, Minangka Deka, has launched an awareness campaign on Thursday. The mime artist in a video message urged people to take precautionary measures, especially maintaining personal hygiene to prevent the virus from spreading.

All necessary information on the virus and its precautions are being portrayed in the video through several acts. “Along with the other co-actors I attempted to send a message to masses about the safety measures that should be taken during this period,” said Minangka Deka.
Apart from Minangka Deka, the video featured Bhavana Barman, Bhargab Jyoti Sarmah, Riki Choudhury, Kushal Nath and Shyamontika Dutta. Jyotishman Das and Debabrat Das were behind the cinematography, while Uddipta Kumar Bhattacharyya of 21 Century Savage Studio edited the video, which was directed by the mime artist himself.


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